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AIP News


AIP News

AIP Asset Management’s Flagship Fund Wins Best High Yield Fund at the 2021 Alt Credit U.S. Performance Awards

Nov 04, 2021

TORONTO, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – AIP Asset Management Inc. (“AIP”) is pleased to announce that the AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP (formerly AIP Global Macro Fund LP) received a top honour at the 2021 Alt Credit US Performance & Services Awards.

The Alt Credit US Performance & Services Awards recognize standout performers from private debt management, credit hedge funds and service providers that have best taken advantage of opportunities and avoided pitfalls in the past year.

AIP’s Convertible Private Debt Fund LP was recognized with a first-place win for “Best High Yield Fund.”

“We’re proud to win another award that recognizes the consistent performance of our Convertible Private Debt Fund,” said Jay Bala, co-founder and President, AIP Asset Management. “This fund has generated an exceptional average return of 33.62% per year since its inception in 2013. Even in 2020, when the economy was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fund generated positive results. This latest award recognizes that accomplishment.”

“Winning ‘Best High Yield Fund’ strengthens AIP’s reputation as a team whose investment strategy is adaptable and resilient,” said Alex Kanayev, co-founder and Chairman of AIP. “The Convertible Private Debt Fund is purposeful in targeting investment opportunities that meet our criteria, from small cap and private placement investments to debt instruments. We are pleased that AIP has won several awards in previous years and that it continues to gain recognition in the US having won at the 2021 Alt Credit Performance Awards. We’re attracting more and more institutional and retail investors who appreciate our methodical and successful approach.”

About AIP
Founded in 2013, AIP has gained a reputation for its innovative approach to convertible private debt investing and strives to protect the principal investment while gaining upside market exposure to small cap companies. AIP is one of the top performing private debt investors in Canada with a focus on the sub $200M market cap segment of the North American Market. A Toronto-based firm of professionals with over 100 years of combined direct lending, private equity and capital markets experience.

For further information, visit http://aipassetmanagement.com or contact:

AIP Asset Management Inc.
Karim Mecklai, Director, Communications and Marketing

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