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AIP News

AIP Asset Management Receives Four Awards for Top Performing Hedge Fund

Oct 27, 2021

AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP earns “Best 5-year Return” at 2021 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – October 27, 2021) – AIP Asset Management Inc. (“AIP”), one of Canada’s leading debt investors, is pleased to announce the AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP (formerly AIP Global Macro Fund LP) received top honours in Canada’s hedge fund industry – for a third year in a row – at the 14th annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards.

Of the 226 Canadian hedge funds competing in the awards program, the AIP Private Convertible Debt Fund LP, which has a private debt focus, was one of the year’s most recognized. The fund won four awards, including a first-place for best five-year return in the category “Global Macro/ Managed Futures/ Multi-Strategy Funds.”

  • Best 5 Year Return – 1st place AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP
  • Best 3 Year Return – 3rd place AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP
  • Best 5 Year Sharpe Ratio – 2nd place AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP
  • Best 3 Year Sharpe Ratio – 2nd place AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP

“These prestigious industry awards speak to the value we deliver year after year to our investors – institutional or retail,” said Jay Bala, co-founder and President, AIP Asset Management. “Our Convertible Private Debt Fund has provided a superior average return of 33.62% per year since its inception in 2013. Even in 2020, when the economy was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fund generated positive results.”

The Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, which were presented October 19, help investors identify the most exceptional hedge funds, recognizing winners in five categories as well as the Overall Best 2021 Canadian Hedge Fund. The awards are based solely on quantitative performance data to June 30th, with Fundata Canada managing the collection and tabulation of the data to determine the winners. There is no nomination process or subjective assessment in identifying the winning hedge funds.

“We’re extremely proud that AIP funds are repeatedly recognized for their outstanding performance,” said Alex Kanayev, co-founder and Chairman of AIP. “We founded AIP with a strong belief in our innovative investment approach, product structuring and team building. This year’s awards confirm our approach is consistently strategic and resilient, regardless of the market direction and black swan events like a global pandemic.”

About AIP

Founded in 2013, AIP has gained a reputation for its innovative approach to convertible private debt investing and strives to protect the principal investment while gaining upside market exposure to small cap companies. AIP is one of the top performing private debt investors in Canada with a focus on the sub $200M market cap segment of the North American Market. A Toronto-based firm of professionals with over 100 years of combined direct lending. private equity and capital markets experience.

For further information, visit http://aipassetmanagement.com or contact:

AIP Asset Management Inc.
Karim Mecklai, Director, Communications and Marketing


About the Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards:
The Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards were first held in 2008 and have a two-fold objective: First, to celebrate the talent and accomplishments of Canada’s hedge fund industry, and second, to draw attention to Canada’s hedge funds by raising the awareness of that expertise in the media and among the wider investment community.


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